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Oxfordshire Carpet Cleaning only work with commercial customers, our modern equipment and state of the art chemicals, disinfectants and cleaning solutions and professionally trained staff offers a unique combination that ensure that when you trust us with your carpet, you know you are not only getting a professional, quality service but our years of experience also ensures that we are using the correct techniques on one of your most important assets.

Your carpet is often the first point of contact with your customers, good maintenance and cleaning ensures that whatever your business or establishment, you are presenting a clean, professional & health environment for your customers, staff, residents or patrons. Our advanced carpet treatments can protect you carpet, your staff, residents or patrons from static electricity buildup, stains, bacteria and help prevent or reduce allergies.

Our Services Include

Stain Protection

Our stain guard treatment applies an invisible protective coating around the carpet fibres, this ensures that liquids will pool on the top of the carpet instead of being absorbed.


Our anti-allergenic carpet treatment can provide sustained protection against dust mites and dust mite detritus which has been shown to be a major cause or allergic reactions.



If your business relies on electrical equipment, our anti-static carpet treatment is ideal for you and provides a protective coating which inhibits the build up of electrical charge.



Food, drinks and bodily fluids in addition to the numerous bacteria that are trodden into a carpet on a daily basis can be removed and kept a bay by anti-microbial carpet treatments.

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