Office Reception Cleaning

Office Carpets have an enormous job loaded onto them and have to take a high level of abuse ranging from heavy footfall, where your customers and workers come and go in all weather tramping dirt & grime throughout your building.

Office Carpets most notably in your public areas, form a lasting impression on customers, a dirty worn carpet or that musty smell from unclean carpets will be noticed immediately and is highly unlikely to leave a favourable impression with any potential customers.

A clean, well maintained carpet will allow your customers to form a good first impression, it shows potential clients that your business conveys the professionally appearance your business is trying to trying to achieve and hopefully this will translate into repeat business.

Reception carpets are usually chosen for their ruggedness and ability to deal with high volumes of traffic, these are usually a dark patterned or a textured carpet which allows you to hide a multitude of sins - however, constant the footfall, grime, dirt and a whole host of other things that are trampled in by office workers & customers mean even the hardiest of carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basic.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Your public areas carpets should be vacuumed once or twice daily and depending on location, footfall and the nature of your business, professionally cleaned as often as every month for extremely busy establishments. This may seem like an extravagance, but consider the alternative of buying and laying a new carpet every couple of year due to lack of a proper maintenance regime. Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning is among the best in the industry and is the method recommended by carpet manufacturers.

We would also highly recommend an anti-static treatment in office areas with a high density of electrical equipment and for buildings with air conditioning and anti-microbial treatment and / or anti-allergenic carpet treatment can often help the spread of bugs throughout the office and lessen the amount of time lost to staff sick days.

We realise that no two office environments are the same and frequency of clean is highly dependent, not only on footfall but also the area in which your office is located and the business you carry out - other factors such as the facilities offered and the type of carpet all need to be taken into account before a maintenance regime can be formed, we may also recommend a stain protection treatment, anti-microbial carpet treatment, anti-allergenic carpet treatment, and anti-static carpet treatment be applied to your carpet in addition to a deep carpet clean.

Please remember that as well as carpet cleaning and related services, Oxfordshire Carpet Cleaning are part of the Complete Group of Companies and able to offer your business or commercial premises a whole host of related services ranging from plumbing and electrical work, extreme cleaning & trauma cleaning, crime scene cleaning, proactive and reactive property maintenance, sewage cleanup, flood restoration, pest control among others.