If you are reading this then it is highly likely that your business premises has undergone some kind of flood caused by either extreme weather or water ingress caused by a leaking pipe or roof, it is important to understand the short term problems and issues that standing water causes to the fabric of the building, as well as understanding the long term implications this can have and as such, the type of remediation work that is required.

Commercial Carpet Drying

While Oxford Carpet Cleaning have all the necessary equipment to dry out your carpet, which fortunately, is often all that is needed in the vast majority of cases - as part of the Complete Environmental group of companies, we are also able to deal with more serious issues caused by water damage in whatever form it may take.

As part of the Complete Environmental Services group of companies, our sister company, Flood Restoration Services have the necessary industry experience, professional equipment and in depth knowledge to not only dry out your carpet but we are also only too aware that flooding has a devastating affect on business and water causes a huge amount of damage that has to be sorted out quickly to decrease the damage and destruction caused and minimise the risk of future problems.

When extreme weather conditions cause drains to overflow, the risk of raw sewage rising upwards and being swept into your businesses increases substantially bringing with it contamination, health risks and a huge health risk to your business.

Whatever the situation, from a simple carpet drying job - to a full flood restoration exercise have many years experience in dealing with flood damage restoration issues that have been caused by either natural events or localised plumbing problems.

Using the proper equipment we can pump out water if necessary, use our specialist drying equipment to dry out the areas affected, sanitise the areas and restore your carpet & property if necessary to almost new.