Care Home Carpet Cleaning

With an ever increasing proportion of our retired and elder population increasingly spending time in care homes, nursing homes & sheltered housing, Oxfordshire carpet Cleaning have a range of specialised services aimed at this sector of the market. Healthcare associated infections are one of the most pressing issues facing our health services today, Department of Health figure state that one in 10 patients acquires a HAI whilst in its care and those who do, stay in care more than 3 times longer. This figure increases significantly for people who are already immunocompromised by old age or ill-health.

Carpets in care homes can have a particularly large task loaded onto them and have to take a high level of abuse ranging from shuffling feet, constant footfall from both residents and staff and a significant number of wheelchairs and trolleys with narrow wheels that compress dirt & grime into the carpet fibres.

Care Home Carpets most notably in your public areas, form a lasting impression on customers, a dirty worn carpet or that musty smell from unclean carpets will be noticed immediately and is highly unlikely to leave a favourable impression with your guests and their families as well as your staff and residents.

A clean, well maintained carpet will not only allow any potential visitor to form a good first impression, but more importantly than this, creates a healthier environment for your residents and staff.

Unfortunately, frail and vulnerable elderly patients, especially when suffering from disabilities that may affect mobility, cause incontinence or dementia, are at particularly high risk for the development of infectious diseases, which are the leading cause of hospitalisation in this population. We also find a higher that care homes have a higher than normal incidence of food, drink and bodily fluid spills which seep into the carpet allowing bacteria to form and multiply - some species of bacteria can double in population size every 20 minutes.

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Your public areas carpets should be vacuumed once or twice daily and professionally cleaned as often as every month for extremely busy establishments. This may seem like an extravagance, but consider the alternative of buying and laying a new carpet every couple of year due to lack of a proper maintenance regime. Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning is among the best in the industry and is the method recommended by carpet manufacturers.

After cleaning , we would also highly recommend applying an anti-microbial treatment on care home carpets, these are particularly good at dealing with MRSA & C Diff, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, E.Coli. and mould, mildew & pathogenic fungal spores and once applied to your carpet will provide a continued sustained protection for an extended period of time.

Please remember that as well as carpet cleaning and related services, Oxfordshire Carpet Cleaning are part of the Complete Group of Companies and able to offer your business or commercial premises a whole host of related services ranging from plumbing and electrical work, extreme cleaning & trauma cleaning, crime scene cleaning, proactive and reactive property maintenance, sewage cleanup, flood restoration, pest control among others.