Restaurant Carpet Cleaning
Establishing a successful business in the hospitality industry such as a pub or restaurant takes a lot of hard work, effort, time and money. Part of the success of your business relies solely on the image that your establishment portrays to its clients.

One of the first things that people will notice when they enter an establishment is the carpet, walking into a room with dirty, stained carpets will immediately turn people off, and give them the wrong impression of the professionalism and quality of the establishment they have chosen to eat or drink in - this has a direct impact on your sales and a dirty, smelly carpet is a sure fire way to ensure that customers will not return.

Oxfordshire Carpet Cleaners believe that in any hospitality environment where food and drink is offered, the surroundings are equally important as the service or food that is served. There is nothing worse than a restaurant with dirty carpets or a pub with a smelly, worn carpet that has months worth of spilled beer trapped within the fibres.

Bar Carpet Cleaning
Food and drink dropped onto carpets will quickly get trapped in the carpet fibres, bacteria will form and an unpleasant odour will be released as the food and drink are broken down by this bacteria.

It is impossible to remove this by surface cleaning alone, vacuuming and wiping up spills while necessary do not perform the same function as a proper carpet cleaning. Our hot water extraction method removes trapped food, drink, dirt, stains and dust mite detritus from your carpets which accumulates deep in the carpet pile and is the preferred method of carpet cleaning recommended by carpet manufacturers.

Your carpets will feel look and feel much better with the pile being returned and plumped up. Our hot water extraction system is so good at cleaning carpets that it removes most stains and marks from your carpets without the requirement of our specialist stain treatment and removal process.

We realise that no two hospitality environments are the same and frequency of clean is highly dependent, not only on footfall but also the area in which your restaurant, pub or establishment is located - other factors such as the facilities offered and the type of carpet all need to be taken into account before a maintenance regime can be formed, we may also recommend a stain protection treatment and an anti-microbial carpet treatment be applied to your carpet in addition to a deep carpet clean.

Please remember that as well as carpet cleaning and related services, Oxfordshire Carpet Cleaning are part of the Complete Group of Companies and able to offer your business or commercial premises a whole host of related services ranging from plumbing and electrical work, extreme cleaning & trauma cleaning, crime scene cleaning, proactive and reactive property maintenance, sewage cleanup, flood restoration, pest control among others.