Anti-Static Carpet Treatment

Static is created by friction between carpet fibres and moving objects, such as shoes or electrical field currents from electronic equipment such as computers. In a a warm, dry,environments, offices with nylon floors, or low humidity environments where air conditioning is used - a build-up of strong electrostatic charges can occur on carpets.

These charges can cause unpleasant shocks to people touching metal objects such as door handles, taps, radiators, metal furniture, etc. They also increase dry soiling of carpets by attracting dust and dirt, and at the same time reduce the efficiency of vacuum cleaning.

More than a simple annoyance, static buildup also poses a distinct threat in to today's high-tech environment and a threat to sensitive electronic equipment, which can actually be damaged by a static shock.

Oxford Carpet Cleaning can apply an Anti-Static treatment that is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly, the treatment lasts for approximately 6 to 9 months, though in some extreme circumstances or offices with higher than average footfall, this may need to be repeated earlier.

You will also need reapplication of any treatment if a full carpet clean is carried out.

Oxfordshire Carpet Cleaning's anti-static treatment is safe for use on carpets of all fibre types and will not change their appearance in any way, and is suitable for use on carpets in computer rooms, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, call centre's, commercial buildings, retail stores and pretty much anywhere that shocks from static electricity can be annoying or troublesome.

Anti Static Carpet Preventive Treatment is not a permanent treatment as it is slowly removed by heavy footfall - periodic treatments will keep static electric charge from building in and carpets, thus preventing static electric shock or danger to sensitive electrical equipment.