Anti-Microbial Carpet Treatment

Whilst regular cleaning is both effective and necessary in the short term, it is impossible to clean a surface every minute of every day this is especially true with carpets, they are under constant attack from dirt, grime, spilled food & drink, bodily fluids not to mention a whole host of other substances that are trodden in on the soles of our feet. Unfortunately, this means bacteria form and grow in the depths of our carpet piles, so deep that hoovering alone does not shift - and with some forms of bacteria doubling its population every twenty minutes, you start to get an idea how many live in our carpet.

As bacteria multiplies so does the risk of cross contamination, illness and infection. Oxfordshire Carpet Cleaning can provide a treatment after cleaning that provides a cost effective and proactive solution to any anti-microbial / anti-bacterial hygiene programme, offering advanced protection against cross contamination.

We apply an antimicrobial technology to virtually any new or existing carpets to help fight against the growth of bacteria and create an antimicrobial protection which will reduce the risk of future contamination and subsequently produce a cleaner, safer and more hygienic environment.

Our broad-spectrum disinfection control treatment forms a sustained defence on fabrics that kills germs and bacteria including MRSA & C Diff., E.Coli, Influenza A2, Moulds & Mildews and pathogenic fungi among others as well as inhibiting future growth. We do this without employing harmful toxins, poisons or using corrosive or volatile chemical compounds.

Oxfordshire Carpet Cleaners can apply a treatment after cleaning that instantly kills hidden yet harmful bacteria and viruses, this protection remains for quite some time afterwards. Protecting your carpet with an anti-microbial / anti-bacterial treatment will provide a healthier environment for you staff, customers, patrons, visitors or residents.